BFF Simple Salad Dressing (3 Fun Ways!) — Basil Food Friends

Part of my intention in creating this blog is to share the joy of simple home cooking and some of the how to – so that if you don’t have access to your Mum or Gran or other significant person who can share their experience with you, you might find a helping hand here.

I have several topics in mind and as I go about my normal cooking I am documenting some of what I do. Yesterday as I threw together a salad for lunch and made an oil and lemon dressing I added salad dressings to the mental list. Then today Basil Food Friends, my new BFF, posted on this very topic and they have done it proud so here it is – pop over and visit when you need to dress that salad! What better way to put good fresh food on the table! And they have some other great, real food ideas to share with you.

Salad dressing can make or break an otherwise healthy salad. While it may be quick and easy to pick up a bottle of prepared salad dressing, store bought salad dressings have long ingredients lists that are full of excessive sugars and chemicals. Luckily, it is also quick and easy to make your own dressing, so […]

via BFF Simple Salad Dressing (3 Fun Ways!) — Basil Food Friends


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